Select Environment

After you select your local workstation or a remote machine as a target, go to the Environment section.

Select a target. This can be your local workstation or a remote target. If you use a remote target, see Register Remote Machine. Choose a device from a target or a platform view:

  • Target View
    Use this view when the list with targets is short. Select a target from the list of machines registered in the DL Workbench.
  • Platform View
    Use this view when the list with targets is long. Determine the base platform based on Intel® processors: Core™, Xeon™, or Atom™. Within a platform, choose a combination and an accelerator. To group targets based on a platform, switch to the platform view and select a platform in the Base Platform drop-down list:

    Targets with higher processor numbers within one platform go first. To sort from lowest to highest, click the arrow next to the Processor Numbers heading.

After you select a target on the target or the platform view, the Select Environment drop-down list shows up to three targets detected on your machine. Choose one of them:

Targets supported in the DL Workbench:

  • CPU
  • Intel® Processor Graphics (GPU)
  • Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS 2)
  • Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPUs


  • For Inference Engine, the HD Graphics option means selecting an Intel® Processor Graphics plugin. See the Supported Inference Devices section of Install DL Workbench.
  • You can select a target only if inference of your model on this target is possible. Thus, an Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 target might be disabled.

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