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ie_common.h File Reference

This is a header file with common inference engine definitions. More...

#include <vector>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <ostream>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <details/ie_exception.hpp>
#include "ie_unicode.hpp"

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Data Structures

union   InferenceEngine::UserValue
  The method holds the user values to enable binding of data per graph node. More...
struct   InferenceEngine::InferenceEngineProfileInfo
  Represents basic inference profiling information per layer. If the layer is executed using tiling, the sum time per each tile is indicated as the total execution time. Due to parallel execution, the total execution time for all layers might be greater than the total inference time. More...
struct   InferenceEngine::ResponseDesc
  Represents detailed information for an error. More...
class   InferenceEngine::GeneralError
  This class represents StatusCode::GENERIC_ERROR exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::NotImplemented
  This class represents StatusCode::NOT_IMPLEMENTED exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::NetworkNotLoaded
  This class represents StatusCode::NETWORK_NOT_LOADED exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::ParameterMismatch
  This class represents StatusCode::PARAMETER_MISMATCH exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::NotFound
  This class represents StatusCode::NOT_FOUND exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::OutOfBounds
  This class represents StatusCode::OUT_OF_BOUNDS exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::Unexpected
  This class represents StatusCode::UNEXPECTED exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::RequestBusy
  This class represents StatusCode::REQUEST_BUSY exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::ResultNotReady
  This class represents StatusCode::RESULT_NOT_READY exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::NotAllocated
  This class represents StatusCode::NOT_ALLOCATED exception. More...
class   InferenceEngine::InferNotStarted
  This class represents StatusCode::INFER_NOT_STARTED exception. More...
class   NetworkNotRead
  This class represents StatusCode::NETWORK_NOT_READ exception. More...


#define  PRINT_LAYOUT(name)   case name : out << #name; break;


using  InferenceEngine::SizeVector = std::vector< size_t >
  Represents tensor size. The order is opposite to the order in Caffe*: (w,h,n,b) where the most frequently changing element in memory is first.
using  InferenceEngine::CNNLayerPtr = std::shared_ptr< CNNLayer >
  A smart pointer to the CNNLayer.
using  InferenceEngine::CNNLayerWeakPtr = std::weak_ptr< CNNLayer >
  A smart weak pointer to the CNNLayer.
using  InferenceEngine::DataPtr = std::shared_ptr< Data >
  Smart pointer to Data.
using  InferenceEngine::CDataPtr = std::shared_ptr< const Data >
  Smart pointer to constant Data.
using  InferenceEngine::DataWeakPtr = std::weak_ptr< Data >
  Smart weak pointer to Data.


enum   InferenceEngine::Layout : uint8_t {
  ANY = 0, NCHW = 1, NHWC = 2, NCDHW = 3,
  NDHWC = 4, OIHW = 64, C = 96, CHW = 128,
  HW = 192, NC = 193, CN = 194, BLOCKED = 200
  Layouts that the inference engine supports.
enum   InferenceEngine::StatusCode : int {
  This enum contains codes for all possible return values of the interface functions.


std::ostream &  InferenceEngine::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Layout &p)

Detailed Description

This is a header file with common inference engine definitions.