Run Baseline Inference

As you select a model, dataset, and environment, they appear in the Configuration Details checklist on the Create Configuration page:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create to run a baseline inference. The inference starts and you cannot proceed until it is done:

Once the inference is complete, the Configurations page opens automatically. Find your inference job in the Configurations Settings table indicating all jobs. The Status column in the table shows the status.

TIP: To cancel the inference process, press the cancel icon on the grey screen while the inference is running. To download an archive with a version of a model, press the download icon in the Actions column. To remove an inference, press the bin icon in the Actions column.

When the inference completes, the job shows the green check mark. You can select the inference, visualize statistics, experiment with model optimization and inference options to profile the configuration.

NOTE: For details about inference processes, see the Inference Engine documentation.

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