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ngraph::DiscreteTypeInfo Struct Reference

#include <type.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

constexpr DiscreteTypeInfo (const char *_name, uint64_t _version, const DiscreteTypeInfo *_parent=nullptr)
bool is_castable (const DiscreteTypeInfo &target_type) const
bool operator< (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const
bool operator<= (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const
bool operator> (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const
bool operator>= (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const
bool operator== (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const
bool operator!= (const DiscreteTypeInfo &b) const

Data Fields

const char * name
uint64_t version
const DiscreteTypeInfoparent

Detailed Description

Supports three functions, is_type<Type>, as_type<Type>, and as_type_ptr<Type> for type-safe dynamic conversions via static_cast/static_ptr_cast without using C++ RTTI. Type must have a static type_info member and a virtual get_type_info() member that returns a reference to its type_info member. Type information for a type system without inheritance; instances have exactly one type not related to any other type.

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