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ngraph::op::util::SubGraphOp::ConcatOutputDescription Class Reference

Produces an output by concatenating an output from each iteration. More...

#include <sub_graph_base.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

const type_info_tget_type_info () const override
 ConcatOutputDescription (uint64_t body_value_index, uint64_t output_index, int64_t start, int64_t stride, int64_t part_size, int64_t end, int64_t axis)
 Constructs a new instance. More...
std::shared_ptr< OutputDescriptioncopy () const override

Data Fields

int64_t m_start {0}
int64_t m_stride {0}
int64_t m_part_size {0}
int64_t m_end {0}
int64_t m_axis {0}
- Data Fields inherited from ngraph::op::util::SubGraphOp::OutputDescription
uint64_t m_body_value_index {0}
uint64_t m_output_index {0}

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr type_info_t type_info {"ConcatOutputDescription", 0}

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ngraph::op::util::SubGraphOp::OutputDescription
using type_info_t = DiscreteTypeInfo
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ngraph::op::util::SubGraphOp::OutputDescription
 OutputDescription (uint64_t body_value_index, uint64_t output_index)
 Constructs a new instance. More...

Detailed Description

Produces an output by concatenating an output from each iteration.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConcatOutputDescription()

ngraph::op::util::SubGraphOp::ConcatOutputDescription::ConcatOutputDescription ( uint64_t  body_value_index,
uint64_t  output_index,
int64_t  start,
int64_t  stride,
int64_t  part_size,
int64_t  end,
int64_t  axis 

Constructs a new instance.

body_value_indexA body value that produces the output
output_indexThe SubGraphOp output index
startFirst index for slices
strideStep amount for slices
part_sizeWidth of slices
endLast index for slices
axisAxis being sliced

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