Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking Sample (gst-launch command line)

This sample demonstrates gvatrack element and object tracking capabilities on example of person and vehicle tracking. Object tracking increases performance by running inference on object detection and classification models less frequently (not every frame).

How It Works

The sample utilizes GStreamer command-line tool gst-launch-1.0 which can build and run GStreamer pipeline described in a string format. The string contains a list of GStreamer elements separated by exclamation mark !, each element may have properties specified in the format property=value.

The gvadetect element sets inference-interval property to 10 frames in this sample, so inference on object detection model executed every 10th frame.

The gvatrack element inserted into pipeline after gvadetect to track all objects on remaining 9 frames until object detection executed again.

The gvaclassify element sets reclassify-interval property to 10, so inference on object classification model executed every 10th frames. gvaclassify uses unique object ID assigned by gvatrack to each object for copying classification results on remaining 9 frames from last frame inference was executed.

Overall this sample builds GStreamer pipeline of the following elements


The sample uses by default the following pre-trained models from OpenVINO™ Open Model Zoo

NOTE: Before running samples (including this one), run script once (the script located in samples top folder) to download all models required for this and other samples.

The sample contains model_proc subfolder with .json files for each model with description of model input/output formats and post-processing rules for classification models.



The sample takes three command-line parameters:

  1. [INPUT_VIDEO] to specify input video. The input could be
    • video file path
    • web camera device (ex. /dev/video0)
    • URL of RTSP camera (URL starts with rtsp://) or other streaming source (ex http://)
  2. [DETECTION_INTERVAL] to specify interval between inference requests. An interval of N performs inference on every Nth frame. Default value is 10
  3. [INFERENCE_PRECISION] to specify precision of the used models, it could be
    • FP32 (Default)
    • FP16
    • INT8
    • FP32-INT8

Sample Output

The sample

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