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TemplateExtension::Operation Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

const ngraph::NodeTypeInfo & get_type_info () const override
 Operation (const ngraph::Output< ngraph::Node > &arg, int64_t add)
void validate_and_infer_types () override
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std::shared_ptr< ngraph::Node > copy_with_new_args (const ngraph::NodeVector &new_args) const override
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bool visit_attributes (ngraph::AttributeVisitor &visitor) override
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int64_t getAddAttr ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr ngraph::NodeTypeInfo type_info {"Template", 0}

Member Function Documentation

§ copy_with_new_args()

std::shared_ptr< ngraph::Node > Operation::copy_with_new_args ( const ngraph::NodeVector &  new_args) const



§ validate_and_infer_types()

void Operation::validate_and_infer_types ( )



§ visit_attributes()

bool Operation::visit_attributes ( ngraph::AttributeVisitor &  visitor)



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