Inference Engine API Changes History

The sections below contain detailed list of changes made to the Inference Engine API in recent releases.



Integration with ngraph API:

Offline compilation: import / export to std::stream:

RemoteBlob accelerator memory sharing API:

GNA firmware model image generation:

MemoryBlob mapping of memory to the user space:

Memory interoperability on acceleration devices. General classes and GPU helper functions

Deprecated API

Inference Engine NN Builder API:

Plugin API:

Blob API:

Removed API

Removed all Inference Engine API which deprecated in 2019'R2

2019 R3


New supported layers:

FPGA plugin streaming support:

Removed API

2019 R2


Inference Engine Core API:

Query API extensions to InferenceEngine::ExecutableNetwork and InferenceEngine::IExecutableNetwork:

Metrics and values for Query API:

Common API:

New supported primitives:

Extensions to Blob creation API:

Deprecated API

The methods listed below are deprecated and will be removed in 2019 R4 release:

Common API:

InferenceEngine::IInferencePlugin and InferenceEngine:InferencePlugin obsolete methods:

Fields in InferenceEngine::Data class are replaced with appropriate methods:

Heterogeneous plugin:

Blob creation API with dimensions in reverse order:

API working with device enumeration: