Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CCDataPtrThis class is the layer constant data representation
 CDataPtrThis class is the layer data representation
 CExecutableNetworkThis class represents a network instance loaded to plugin and ready for inference
 CIECoreThis class represents an Inference Engine entity and allows you to manipulate with plugins using unified interfaces
 CIENetLayerThis class represents a main layer information and providing setters allowing to modify layer properties
 CIENetworkThis class contains the information about the network model read from IR and allows you to manipulate with some model parameters such as layers affinity and output layers
 CIEPluginThis class is the main plugin interface and serves to initialize and configure the plugin
 CInferRequestThis class provides an interface to infer requests of ExecutableNetwork and serves to handle infer requests execution and to set and get output data
 CLayersStatsMapClass inherited from built-in python dict class and overrides default update()method to allow to set or modify layers calibration statistics
 CLayerStatsLayer calibration statistic container