CPU Extensions

Introducing CPU Extensions

The CPU extensions library contains code of important layers that do not come with the CPU plugin. You should compile this library and use the AddExtension method in your application to load the extensions when for models featuring layers from this library. Refer to other samples for AddExtension code examples.

When you compile the entire list of the samples, this library (its target name is "cpu_extension)" is compiled automatically.

For performance reasons, the library's cmake script automatically detects configuration of your machine and enables optimizations for your platform. Alternatively, you can explicitly use special cmake flags: -DENABLE_AVX2=ON, -DENABLE_AVX512F=ON or -DENABLE_SSE42=ON when cross-compiling this library for another platform.

List of layers that come within the library

In order to add a new layer, you can use the extensibility mechanism.

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