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 ie_allocator.hppA header file that provides Allocator interface
 ie_api.hThe macro defines a symbol import/export mechanism essential for Microsoft Windows(R) OS
 ie_blob.hA header file for Blob and generic TBlob<>
 ie_common.hThis is a header file with common inference engine definitions
 ie_compound_blob.hA header file for CompoundBlob
 ie_context.hppThis is a header file for the IE Context class
 ie_core.hppThis is a header file for the Inference Engine Core class C++ API
 ie_data.hThis header file defines the main Data representation node
 ie_error.hppA header file for a plugin logging mechanism
 ie_extension.hA header file that defines a wrapper class for handling extension instantiation and releasing resources
 ie_icnn_net_reader.hA header file that provides interface for network reader that is used to build networks from a given IR
 ie_icnn_network.hppThis is a header file for the ICNNNetwork class
 ie_icnn_network_stats.hppThis is a header file for the ICNNNetworkStats class
 ie_iexecutable_network.hppHeader file for IExecutableNetwork interface
 ie_iextension.hThis is a header file for Inference Engine Extension Interface
 ie_iinfer_request.hppHeader file for IInferRequest interface
 ie_imemory_state.hppHeader file for IMemoryState interface
 ie_input_info.hppHeader file for InputInfo class
 ie_layers.hHeader file for internal Layers structure to describe layers information
 ie_layouts.hA header file for data layouts and conversion between them
 ie_locked_memory.hppA header file for generic LockedMemory<> and different variations of locks
 ie_parallel.hppContains declarations and definitions for sequential and multi-threading implementations. Multi-threading support is implemented in two variants: using the Threading Building Blocks library and OpenMP* product. To build a particular implementation, use the corresponding identifier: IE_THREAD_TBB, IE_THREAD_TBB_AUTO, IE_THREAD_OMP or IE_THREAD_SEQ
 ie_plugin.hppA header file for Main Inference Engine API
 ie_plugin_config.hppHeader for advanced hardware related properties for clDNN plugin To use in SetConfig() method of plugins
 ie_plugin_dispatcher.hppA header for a class to handle plugin loading
 ie_plugin_ptr.hppA header file contains a wrapper class for handling plugin instantiation and releasing resources
 ie_precision.hppA header file that provides class for describing precision of data
 ie_preprocess.hppThis header file provides structures to store info about pre-processing of network inputs (scale, mean image, ...)
 ie_primitive_info.hppA header file for the PrimitiveInfo struct
 ie_tensor_info.hppA header file for the TensorInfo structure
 ie_version.hppA header file that provides versioning information for the inference engine shared library
 inference_engine.hppA header file that provides a set of convenience utility functions and the main include file for all other .h files