Use Case and High-Level Description

This is the Inception v3 model that is designed to perform image classification. The model has been pretrained on the ImageNet image database and then quantized to INT8 fixed-point precision using so-called Quantization-aware training approach implemented in TensorFlow framework. For details about the original floating point model, check out the paper.

The model input is a blob that consists of a single image of "1x299x299x3" in BGR order.

The model output for inceptionv3-int8-tf-0001 is the usual object classifier output for the 1001 different classifications matching those in the ImageNet database (the first item represents the background).



Metric Value
Type Classification
GFLOPs 11.469
MParams 23.819
Source framework TensorFlow


The quality metrics calculated on ImageNet validation dataset is 78.07% accuracy top-1.

Metric Value
Accuracy top-1 (ImageNet) 78.07%



Image, shape - 1,299,299,3, format is B,H,W,C where:

Channel order is BGR


Object classifier according to ImageNet classes, shape -1,1001, output data format is B,C where: